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Gregorio Goldstein Isaacson

Board Member and General Director

Born on February 21, 1954 in Tijuana, Baja California. Graduated from University of San Diego with a Bachelors Degree in Business and a Masters from National University. Honorary Consul of Israel in Baja California. Has participated in the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, COPARMEX, several non-profit organizations. Founder of Comite Metropolitano Pro-forestacion Tijuana, A.C. a non-profit organization looking to plant trees throughout the city to help the environment and beautify the city. For years, he was the owner of Dorians, a chain of department stores where he served as commercial director and has been active in numerous business groups. Since July 2011 he is Director at World Trade Center Tijuana

Steve Kern

Board Member

As CFO of Flextronics, Steve is one of the founding partners of Apple Macintosh with whom he continues to be in close contact.

Graduated from the University of Florida in 1967; BSBA in Accounting. CPA in New York and California, since 1967. Member of AICPA and California Society 1967-1981.

Partner in the Tax Department at Arthur Young and Company In New York City and San Jose, California. He leaves the company in 1981 to establish his consulting business. Its main clients include: Apple Computer, Spectraphysics, Diasonics and Intel.

Specialist in International Taxes and High Technology Companies. 1982-Present: Steven Kern Financial Consultant Specialist and Chief Financial Officer for CFO-Flextronics (twice), Sysorex Information Systems, Androbot, Inc., 360, Inc., World Media Networks, and many more.

Born November 21, 1945 Married 29 years to Arlene Lives in Laguna Beach, California since 1992.

Martha Díaz

Board Member

Successful pioneer in broadcasting first in Mexico and later in the United States where she created the most successful radio stations in southern California including Radio Latina, Z90 and later XLNC1, all stations that imposed the quality standard that all others continue to try to achieve.

As Director of Califormula Radio Group Martha was a key piece in leading the group's three stations to occupy the first place in ratings in their respective formats. In English (Z90), Adult Contemporary in Spanish (Radio Latina) and Regional Mexican (Fiesta Mexicana) making each one of them the most successful station of its kind in the San Diego market.

With her innate knowledge of what people like, she has given Hispanópolis content a clear direction that will allow us to reach areas and groups where not many media have done so.

Daniel Ajzen

Chief Innovation Officer

Graduated in TV Production at the BBC in London, with studies at Columbia University and UNAM. As a reporter he has written for the main Mexican newspapers and magazines, including Excelsior, Novedades, UnoMasUno, El Universal and others. His international reports have been reproduced by O Globo in Brazil and La Nación in Argentina. On television, he was a reporter for 60 Minutes and Hoy Domingo, hosted his own program and has produced countless radio and television programs with great success. He was Director of International News for Telesistema Mexicano today Televisa and a Producer on Channel 13 and Cablevisión. As a radio reporter and producer, he has received numerous awards, including recognition for the "Best Cultural Radio Program in Mexico" on two occasions.

He has been a professor for the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Anahuac University and the Ibero American University. His books "500 Years of Jewish Press", "Audiovisual Aids for School and Business", "Educational Camps" are out of print and have been used as textbooks.

On the Internet, he was the founder of WEBstationONE and has created important websites such as DiarioJudio.com, WorldMediaNetworks and with his experience in communications, news and production, he brings to the table the necessary skills to launch the Internet Development Fund (IDF) where he serves as Director of Innovation.

Alan Ajzen


Graduate from University of Arizona Eller School of Business, he worked for Profivity, and then as Operation Manager at WEBstationONE where he developed the connectivity platform of the Internet Development Fund.

Linda Ajzen Z"L

Original Board Member

His extraordinary attention to detail, his incessant concern for perfection in the smallest details and his extraordinary sensitivity to the taste and work of the common man (and woman) created the standards of excellence and service to the community and to the individual that we incisively try to maintain.

At WorldMediaNetworks.com in general and at HispanoPolis.com in particular. After several years in International Events throughout Latin America and as a partner and Director of Glik Communications, Linda helped create and host countless radio and television programs, development of multilingual board games and founded Latin Ad Inc., the first advertising agency oriented to the Hispanic market in San Diego. Her deep knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic mindset and family has helped us penetrate this market with marked success.

Victor Díaz Z"L

Original Board Member

His revolutionary ideas range from the creation of the first high-quality station in Spanish in the United States to the preservation of the IIPA (International Institute of Photographic Authors) and the creation of FECHA.org the world's first virtual church.

In addition to his countless successes in the business world, Victor has helped us launch this company by providing support in most of its areas, but more importantly, the inspiration he gave us in terms of dedication and achievement of goals and his absolute addiction to the highest quality.

Victor's legacy includes one of the most impressive photographic collections in the world - many taken by himself and others produced with his patronage, inspirational books and the seed from which Hispanopolis.com was born.

Our Mission

The Internet Development Fund supports nonprofits with economical and technological contributions to make sure they have the best possible internal and external communications technology to service all their online needs including but not limited to in-house communications, outreach, social media and marketing tools to fulfill their mission with as little effort and expense to allow them to increase their donors contributions and maintain their overhead as low as possible.

In order to qualify for our assistance you must be a non-profit legally established in the US or your country of origin and you have to be dedicated to one or more of the following:

  • Advancing education
  • Improving social welfare
  • Preserving culture
  • Promoting human rights
  • Establishment of civil society
  • Preserving or restoring democratic institutions
  • Preserving or restoring personal freedoms and/or freedom of the press
  • Combating xenophobia and discrimination
  • Exposing and combating anti-democracy movements

Please note that Organizations that engage in discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training or services, promotion, termination, and/or retirement based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status other than as allowed by law, are not eligible to participate in this program.


A group of  visionaries spanning numerous industries including journalism, publishing, advertising and education came together and founded WEBstationONE.com in 1997, an online developer of web sites and media outlets. Soon after launching, we started receiving dozens of leads from leading nonprofits for our expertise. Unfortunately, despite their brilliant and worthwhile goals, many of these organizations simply couldn’t afford to have a professional web presence which we found unacceptable.

Our solution was to create the Internet Development Fund whose mission simply states:

Support nonprofits with economical and technological contributions to increase donations and exposure through consistent branding and amplified marketing efforts.

Our first nonprofit website: www.SaveTheMusic.com under Roman Ajzen’s leadership- our first project that required worldwide participation and multiple donor collaboration and a few months later wsradio.com under Chris Murch’s leadership which was later spinned-off to become a successful commercial online radio station in its own right.

Under the sponsorship of Newton D. Becker we started serving multiple organizations from all over the world (some with 1 employee some with 80,000 members) sharing all the same problem:

Full knowledge of what they where doing and no time or understanding of media in general and online media in particular

Through different growth stages we began to develop a common platform for all of them with the idea of serving the smallest and the largest with the same easiness, the same short learning curve for their employees and the same functionalities so that they could all benefit from whichever technology came around to expand their reach and enhance their results.

Thanks to Mr. Becker’s vision and deep understanding of the value of this new media to reach millions instantly and at a very low cost we kept on working on what we “knew” was impossible until he proved us otherwise,  and under the technological direction of Tom McCaughley, (the developer of the air force’s flight simulator) we reach our first milestone with the  launching of the first generation -state of the art- Content Management System (CMS) initially known as the BeckerMagicBox –and later modified at his request as the MagicBox- one of the first, fully secured, cloud based platform that allowed easy content administration, updating, upgrading and development of websites, pages and newsletters online for all size of organizations in a fast, efficient and very cost effective way.

We had customers and beneficiaries financed by third parties or by us (to see a list of all donors click here)  in the US, Mexico, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Israel and Japan (to review full list of organizations served click here)

Mr. Becker started pushing us in a new, difficult but exciting direction: Matching funds and collaborative founding of projects which at the time seemed as an onerous and unnecessary time investment on our part but, after his untimely passing proved to be a lifesaver not only for us but for all served organizations.

Under this new format and with our software’s evolution our customer base expanded and so did their usage of our platform to include not only their online presence but also to use it as their main archival, communication and research center in the cloud.

In order to further expanded our services and add new publishing capabilities we transferred the MagicBox from our closed system into WordPress as the base, but enriching it with most of the functionalities used in our previous generations of the MagicBox creating the first generation of the multitasking, multimedia IDF Link™ software to provide our customers with our unique set of tools which have proven to be so successful and easy to use by our customers

The IDF Link™ CMS is cloud based, available worldwide, supporting multiple languages including, but not limited to English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Arab, Yiddish, Pashtu and Farsi.

Today IDF Link™ CMS includes the ability to manage all social media outlets AND all kind of viewing platforms including but not limited to PC’s Laptops, iPhones, android and tablets with a minimal additional effort and expense.

TODAY we are growing at leaps and bounds adding new organizations and media outlets from different countries giving them the added benefit of cross-pollination (when they want it) of content, promotions, viewers, and functionalities with the support of the ContentBANK™ and STATIONoneNEWS.com distribution service among others

Review our current platform at www.IDFlink.com.