Beneficiary Organizations

Sinfónica Juvenil de Tijuana A.C. Sinfónica Juvenil de Tijuana A.C. Somos una organización civil que busca proporcionar educación musical accesible a niños y jóvenes de 5 a 22 años, así como formar público interesado en la llamada música clásica.  
Apoyo a Rocelia Ramos Apoyo a Rocelia Ramos Apoyo a Martha Rocelia Ramos, escritora tijuanense, para acudir a entrega de premio a Nueva York.

Israel Behind The News Israel Behind The News Israel Behind the News has one purpose: to report Israel’s reality to the media by retaining the services of the best Israeli and Arab journalists to cover, research and investigate the events of the day.
Diario Judío Diario Judío A community website dedicated to disseminating content about the Mexican Jewish community to bolster its image and reputation.
¿Dónde está José? ¿Dónde está José? Una base de datos para recabar y distribuir información sobre personas extraviadas. Usted puede ayudar a nuestros hermanos migrantes.
Por Israel Por Israel Dori Lustron Against lies and antisemitism. A Hasbara organization based in Israel
Esperança Esperança "Esperança" it means hope in Protuguese and that is its mission, to support children that require surgery in Latin American communities that they could not otherwise access due to lack of resources.
Kadima Kadima Una institución líder en el área de discapacidad. Defendemos la equidad, la igualdad de trato y oportunidades y el respeto hacia las diferencias.
JITLI JITLI Create a program dedicated to the education and leadership development of young people to break down stereotypes and build lasting relationships leading to a vibrant and meaningful co-existence.
Memri Memri Bridging the language gap between the Middle East and the West.
Honestly Concerned Honestly Concerned We are committed to the truthful coverage of Israel, Jews and Jewish issues in the media and take action against anti-Semitism by proactively informing, organizing, and acting.
Save The Music Save The Music Discover old and rare recordings and enrich them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, and biographies of performers and composers.
Hasbara Center Hasbara Center Hacemos labor de esclarecimiento para fomentar una imagen positiva de Israel en el mundo.
Hispanopolis Hispanopolis We want to be the media that gives strength to your voice.
Jewish Website Jewish Website All about Jewish life. The Jewish world's actuality, heritage and traditions. Op-Ed articles, news, Jewish books, Jewish music, videos, judaica and more...
Learn Hebrew Prayers Learn Hebrew Prayers A place to learn traditional Hebrew prayers in a simple and fun way.
Lebns Fragn Lebns Fragn Lebns Fragn (Life questions, Yiddish: לעבנס־פֿראַגן) was a Yiddish, Bundist-orientated magazine, published bimonthly in Israel.
Mameloshn Mameloshn Mameloshn explores and remembers our roots and keeps our language (mamaloshen) alive through history, literature, music, news, movies, and more!
Oscar Litwak Foundation Oscar Litwak Foundation An organization that supports children with Cancer, founded in honor of Oscar Litwak, who died of this terrible disease at 4 years of age.
San Diego Jewish Times San Diego Jewish Times Under re-development.
Sderot Media Center Sderot Media Center Dedicated to bringing the voices of Sderot residents and Gaza border communities to the forefront of world news and the international community.
Station One News Station One News A content provider corporation.
Survivor Mitzva Project Survivor Mitzva Project Un esfuerzo humanitario que proporciona ayuda financiera directa a bobes y zeides sobrevivientes del Holocausto en áreas remotas de Europa del Este y Ucrania.
The California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language The California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language Since 1999 we have been challenging the fog of lost memory and ignorance about Yiddish culture.
The Center for Near East Policy Research The Center for Near East Policy Research The Center for Near East Policy Research is dedicated to proactive, investigative research and the publication of well-documented data on the core issues of Israeli-Arab relations, in order to provide insight into the complex reality of Israel for decision makers, journalists and the general public.
World Media Networks World Media Networks A content provider corporation.
Yiddish Vinkl Yiddish Vinkl Yiddish Vinkl explores and remembers our roots and keeps our language (mamaloshen) alive through history, literature, music, news, films and more!
Gilgulim Gilgulim Gilgulim is a magazine specializing in creative Yiddish writing and literature. It purports to publish material put forth by contemporary Yiddish writers, be that poetry, prose, theater plays, song lyrics (however short), diaries, personal notes, travel writing.
Gilberto Bosques Saldivar Gilberto Bosques Saldivar As a consul in Marseille, Vichy France, Bosques took initiative to rescue tens of thousands of Jews and Spanish Republican exiles from being deported to Nazi Germany or Spain.