Sderot Media Center, one of the Internet Development Fund’s beneficiaries, is dedicated to the mission of:

Provid[ing] Israeli and international news media with on-site film footage and reporting of the kassam rocket attacks and their psychological effects upon Sderot residents.

In so doing, they hope to spur international and local involvement with the community of Sderot, both on a financial and social scale, in order to help out the residents of this war-zone region.

Their past work has received major accolades:

  1. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially requested that the Sderot Media Center provide all Israeli diplomatic offices around the world with first-hand exclusive material that the Sderot Media Center has produced, documented and presented
  2. Hosting a slew of major news outlets in the world, and facilitated features about the human face of Sderot in The New York Times, The London Sunday Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, LA Times, CNN, EuroNews and even on BBC, on a monthly basis taking footage from SMC. The January 2008 front page New York Times feature that was facilitated by SMC essentially placed the issue of the human crisis that has resulted from Sderot’s missile crisis on the agenda of the American Jewish Establishment.
  3. The SMC has contracted with three of the largest Internet news sites in Israel, providing them with footage and background interviews as events transpire, in real time.
  4. Reached over 400 million people around the Globe, which has helped to place Sderot on the world map, while explaining Israel’s current position in the Israeli- Arab conflict.