Future Donors

Programs and projects available for your support:

DondeEstaJose: Dedicated to reunite families who lost or where separated from their parents/children.

HispanoPolis.com: Dedicated to advance educationand bilingualism within the Hispanic Community in the US.

SaveTheMusic.com: Dedicated to finding, researching, documenting, digitizing and saving Jewish Music.

World Advocacy Center: Dedicated to monitor world media and events, detect open and/or subliminal attacks on freedom and Democracy, expose them and confront them and produce informational and advocacy content to distribute to traditional media, websites and social media.

StationONENEWS: Content developer, aggregator and distribution center of well documented, inspirational and easy to follow advocacy materials to support human rights, freedom of the press, and Democratic values.

ContentBank (TM): A content concentration and distribution system developed to allow all interested organizations and media share content among themselves to lower overhead costs, improve the quality of the content and be more efficient in their site administration.

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